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Social Media has become an important part of marketing artist and their creations. Artist’s paintings and sculptures evoke emotions and inspires. Throughout history and in the modern world, art has reflected many themes and has captured moments that tells a timeless story. What is the story you are conveying? What does art mean to you? What is your process?

With modern day technology, the medium has open up a whole new exploration. Do you know what are the important steps to take in successfully prompting your art on-line? Have you established a base for your work? Do you have a marketing strategy in place?

Many rising artists do not have a social media presence nor do they know where to begin. Social Media can be over-whelming and daunting for many. This is where L.A.P. it Marketing comes in. L.A.P. it Marketing will consult with you on what is the best way to present your work on social media, convey to the on-line medium what art means to you and manage your accounts- so you can have more time for your artistic endeavor, and we will reach a wider audience for you at affordable rates.

Stephanie M. Hopkins



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