How Does One Make Money Blogging?

Blogging is essential for your brand and it keeps readers coming to your website and increases your chances that your audience will buy your book. The more content on your blog the better. Just make sure the content is relevant to your product and engages your audience.


When offering other services on your website, be sure it’s a product you believe in and is the quality you want on your website. If you don’t believe in the product you are promoting, your audience won’t believe in you. That is one of the quickest ways to kill your brand.

How do bloggers make money?

Many bloggers make money by posting advertising banners on their site, offer memberships, create a blog tour service, editing service, creating graphic designs, and sponsored posts. I do not recommend offering paid reviews. Most readers don’t put much stock in paid reviews and often times leads to trouble on sites such as Amazon and Facebook.

Authors, before posting about your book on Facebook, consider posting your post directly on your blog. Not only do you have control of the content and it drives people to your website, Facebook is notorious for holding posts hostage and controlling who sees them.

Your posts don’t have to be long, matter of fact the shorter the better. From there, promote outwards. You control your content and should offer buying links directly on your website.

Are blogging collaborations worthwhile? If, so, how can self-publish authors find other bloggers?

Absolutely! Collaborations among authors and even book bloggers’ drive more views to your site and brand. Readers love collaborations among authors for various reasons and it’s important to give what your readers want, right? When doing collaborations, be sure to promote those whom you collaborate with and support the community of book bloggers.

Self-publish authors can find bloggers through groups on Facebooks, goodreads, twitter, googling book bloggers or on other book bloggers sites. When approaching book bloggers on Facebook, be sure you have already formed a relationship with them and support their blog.  I can’t tell you how many times I have had an author wanting to connect with me on my personal wall and then turn around immediately afterwards and request a review for their book. That is a big no, no!

Remember, book bloggers work just as hard as well and spends a lot of time supporting authors, blogging and reviewing books.

You don’t have time to spend on blogging because you are too busy writing your story? Never fear, I’ll be posting tips soon on how to blog successfully and regularly without the stress.

Stephanie M. Hopkins

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Stephanie Hopkins has been blogging and marketing authors, artists, and book bloggers since 2012. She was formally on the indieBRAG Team for five years as their social media director, and was a co-short-list judge for the 2016 Historical Novel Society indie award. Stephanie has reviewed books for the Historical Novel Society, and is currently reviewing for various Publishing Houses, NetGalley and indie Authors.

Stephanie is working on a couple of projects including a start-up company that promotes Historical Fiction and conducts specialized Book Blog tours called, “Novel Expressions”. Her knack for marketing, branding and creativity in promoting different professional’s products and her passion for literature, art and photography is the inspiration for L.A.P. it Marketing.

Not only that, but her own endeavors in creating mix media art, dabbling in photography and her love for reading and writing gives her the advantage of finding new inspiring ways to spotlight different mediums.



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